About us

Wooden Seagull consists of just two people – Asia and Filip. Together we invent, design, make, paint and it gives us great deal of joy. We create objects that make us smile – toys, small objects and wooden decorations. In the future we want to create functional and good looking furniture for children. We work together, having fun and entertaining the small child inside us. We are an unconventional duo, but we make a good team. Below you can find a little bit about us 😉

Filip – wood technology engineer at the University of Life Sciences in Poznań.
The specialty “mechanical wood technology” gave me a lot of industrial knowledge regarding the use of wood and wood-based panels. Many years of interest in wood meant that I decided to make small wooden items, first for our home, then listing my handmade crafts on Etsy. It gives me great joy that the items I made with my own hands are now “overseas”, or in the southern hemisphere, and they make people happy! Nothing gives me more peace than “picking” in our little workshop 🙂

Asia – artist, graduate of the University of Arts in Poznań (faculties: Painting and Artistic Education).
I have always loved to paint and draw. Large-format oil painting is my greatest passion. Distancing myself from high art, I design graphics, small functional forms and our toys, which I enjoy most when painting animals – maybe because as a child I was most fascinated by it, and I still remember my Safari figures. 😉

Possibilities if creating toys for children are endless, that’s why were so much into it. When we enter our workshop, 5 hours flies by in 10 minutes 🙂